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Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care

As the weeks are narrowing in on baby’s due date, I’ve been making a mental list of things I still need to collect for the hospital AND home for after the baby gets here. There is so much preparing for the baby that sometimes we forget all of the things we need as mommas to care for ourselves after delivery. Those days are truly a whirlwind so being prepared and cared for is so nice! With June, I was in target two days before my due date buying postpartum pads when my water broke… it was hilarious and something I’ll never forget. SO…. I’m just prepping a little sooner this time! I’m going to share things for breastfeeding care and VBAC care since that’s all I know. All mommas are troopers and I believe fed is best and getting your baby out as safely as possible is best too. So much respect no matter what your story looks like!



I absolutely loved being able to throw on a good nursing tank at home or a nursing gown! There are just really easy to lounge in and comfortable for what you need. My favorite nursing tanks are linked here from target and they are currently only $14! That’s a huge steal. Also the softest nursing gown is linked here and that is also currently on sale for $25 and some pretty colors to choose from. I really love a good robe to throw on over, well, just your big ole undies…OR a nursing gown or whatever you’ve got going on. This one is so stinking soft from Pottery Barn linked here and it’s really beautiful too! Also slip that guy into your hospital bag. ;) Also if a more silky robe is more your thing, here’s a really beautiful and cheap one from Shein linked here. Nursing bras can be weird sometimes but I found this one at target the other day and it’s so so comfortable! It’s currently on sale for $14. It’s more of a sports bra but the material is amazing and who really wants underwire while being super engorged? Not me. All the colors are cute but I got the pink, linked here. Let’s talk about underwear just very quickly… things hurt down there. You’ll be wearing pads for a second. Get something comfy. These silky seamless beauties were life for me when I had June so I just went and snagged a few more pairs. I size up for postpartum just to be extra comfortable, but you can barely feel these and I love them… linked here.



The truth of nursing is that it’s not always pretty (at first) so it’s great to be prepared with some care. First, nipple cream. Lather on up. You’ll thank me later. I love this one by Motherlove and there are also several great brands out there. This one is easy for me to snag at target along with other postpartum needs and I love that it’s organic since I’m putting it on the surface that my baby will eat from. I know they are all “safe for baby” but I just like this one linked here. This next item actually saved me from literally quitting nursing when my nipples felt like they were gonna fall off… They are called “soothies” and they give so much relief in between feedings and they’re reusable! I would even lather up a little cream and then pop these suckers on. Just buy these, seriously…linked here. If you’re a first time mom, you may have never heard of mastitis… if you’ve already had babies I know you’re already cringing by the sound of that word. Mastitis is a breast infection that literally makes you feel like you’re coming down with the flu. With June I was headed in that direction when I remembered I had these in my closet so I gave it a shot… I could feel where my clogged milk duct was coming from so I put these hot/cold therapy pads religiously on my chest, especially while nursing and I swear that these saved me from getting full blown mastitis. And even if you just have a clogged duct, you’ll want to have these on hand. Again, just get them…for real. Linked here. Being real, your boobs leak when you’re nursing… they just do. I’m not a fan of the disposable nursing pads so I got these bamboo ones from Amazon and I’m obsessed. They’re super easy to wash and since laundry doesn’t stop, you’ll just be able to throw them in the wash as often as you need. Linked here. Pumping calls for two hands….UNLESS you have this awesome contraption linked here. Ok I didn’t have one of these with June but all of my friends who are having babies right now are raving about this so I’m trying it out. Supposedly it catches lots of extra milk you may not have gotten otherwise and I’m all for that! Haakaa: linked here.


Your doctor will provide you with a spray bottle for “down there” but I’ve also heard great reviews about this one by Fridababy if you’re looking to be a little extra ;) — linked here. One of my friends bought me this spray for postpartum with June and I really loved it and will definitely be getting it again… naturally healing and just really helps your situation— linked here. You’re going to need pads, unfortunately.. linked here. I enjoyed having a boppy pillow even for myself during postpartum and it’s also great for baby later— linked here.

other things just for your own comfort or little tips:

  • buy a stool softener

  • continue taking prenatals

  • get yourself lots of candles because you’ll be cozied up for just a bit

  • ask nurses for extra mesh undies, pads, and steroid cream to take home

  • keep your hospital cup near

  • get some good protein to fill you up

  • REST and don’t hesitate to ask for help

  • if you feel super emo, you’re not alone

  • soak up all those newborn snuggles and it’s also ok to put them down and not feel shame ;)

These days are blurry and sweet and hard and incredible. If this is your first time having a baby, know that it is ok to cry and mourn your life of old while also knowing that you’ve just stepped into the most glorious days. And they just keep getting better and better. If your “baby blues” heighten, reach out for help. ENJOY the days ahead and smell your baby as much as you can. They’re the yummiest. Best wishes from one big pregnant mama to another.



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