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Skincare Must Haves

Skincare Must Haves

I was 100% the teenager who slept in makeup every night and had no idea how to take care of my skin... THEN I got a little older and maybe just a tiny bit wiser and to take it a step further-- I added a baby into the mix and my face (and bags) needed some love. I realized the importance of a good, nightly routine. Not just to "look better" but for the health of my skin. I'm totally not a pro-- but I do love finding products that I love and believe in. None of this is sponsored. Just sharing some of my new favorites. 


1. Clarisonic Mia 2


This past summer I got my first facial. It was amazing. The esthetician told me the number one thing people need to know about healthy skin is exfoliation. I am in love with this brush system and use it most nights. The first night I used it, my skin was so soft. By the end of the week, I could already see a difference in my pores and lines. I use this along with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. This is a MUST. Super easy to charge and replace the brush when it gets worn. 



Last summer I ordered a free sample of this and have been hooked ever since. I instantly saw a difference in my skin and it is so light yet hydrating. My skin can tend to be dry and this does the trick! All you need is a couple of drops after washing your face and you will feel like a million bucks. It's so worth the money and the bottle lasts for a LONG time. Honestly, I love this entire brand. Another fave by them here.


3. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate


This little bottle is a miracle worker. After nighttime cleaning, drop a couple drops of this on your fingertips and work into your skin. I typically use this before the Biossance listed above or before a moisturizer. The comparison of my tired night skin verses my morning skin is crazy. My husband and I both use this and we are obsessed. Not to mention the smell. Amazing. I use it all over my face but like to target my fine line areas first. LOVE. Also i used THIS by them and it was also crazy amazing.


4. Glossier Super Bounce

Glossier is another favorite brands of mine. I surprised my husband for his 30th birthday and swooped him away to NYC. The only thing I requested was a trip to Glossier while we were there. Among a few other things, I got this guy. And I love him. After washing my face in the morning, I use a couple of drops on my face and it's so refreshing. It's light and gives just enough hydration and glow without being overbearing. It's perfect to put on before makeup! Also try this by Glossier and this!



This product is beautiful and refreshing. I particularly love to use it in the mornings just after I wash my face. Just a spray or two is perfect. To add a little glow to your makeup, spray your face after you're done with your makeup application or just spray mid day for a little pick-me-up. 


6. Wilma Schumann Hydrating Eye Pads

...And all the moms and hard working women said AMEN. Dark circles are the friend I never wanted. But here we are!! I love these eye pads. They are MIRACLE WORKERS. Pop these suckers on in the morning before a date or a big day and watch that under eye area come back to life. Always a must to have on hand.


I'm always up for new things and brands people love. So if you're passionate about a product, feel free to share below! Don't worry, I still have plenty of nights where I whip out a face wipe and call it a night. But I love researching and trying new things so I thought I'd share what I'm currently loving! Thanks for stopping in and happy shopping ;) 






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