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Friday Favorites - Headbands

Friday Favorites - Headbands

When I was a little girl, my mom put such big bows on my head that our family friends used to call them "hair ornaments". On the soccer field, hanging at home, or going out on the town. It's no surprise that I'd be the same way with my little girl-- just a little more modern! If you know us, you know that you probably won't see June without a hair accessory! One of my MOST asked questions is "where do you get June's headbands and turbans?". So I'm here to answer! My top 5 favorite places to shop I found on my own either while I was pregnant or during nap time researching. These shops have comfortable, affordable, high quality products and I just love them.


1. girlmomcompany

I've always been a sucker for turbans. I love them. I love the cutie little knot and I'm just simply obsessed with it. But summer rolled around and I realized the turban was getting a little hot in the Atlanta heat. I researched and found THESE. Turban meets head wrap. They are amazing quality and typically priced in the $10 range. One thing I love most about these: they're so comfortable for June and they never leave any marks on her head! Customer service is amazing and I love supporting other moms just killing it. Always the cutest patterns, colors, fabrics-- and always giving a little something new to choose from! This just may be my #1 for a reason. ;)




2. Mandy Tangerine

I told you I was a sucker for turbans! This company makes incredible turbans, super high quality and I know this sounds funny but the knot it just right. The material is amazing and the colors and shades are to die for. They sell out fast so just be on the lookout for their launch dates and snag you up one. Oh yeah, they also have ones for adults if you're into that! Little twinning action. They have a couple different styles and this summer they even made one for the water which was so unreal cute. They're priced more in the $28-$32 range but they last a WHILE through different sizes and seasons.



3. baby bling bows

These bows are more the classic knotted bow with the coziest material ever. They stretch to fit any size and they come in so many different gorgeous shades. These are also very "fall proof" so they don't easily fall off of your baby's head! Big win. They typically sit in at the $10-$14 range with free shipping over $50. I bought these as presents last year for Christmas and no one was disappointed! They come in a few different styles. This classic one and the cable knit ones are our fave!



4. Bloom Headwraps

So this site is amazing because it has the mix of the turban knot style and the tie on bows. The fabric, textures, colors, and styles are to die for. I would say the knots on these are smaller than the girlmomcompany knots (both are amazing). This company is just plain awesome and everything pretty much comes in the $12.50-ish range. Also their site is just beautiful and I'm a big fan! REALLY cute patterns and they're always keeping up with the trend and season.




5. Autumn bebe

This shop has adorable different styles, patterns, and I love them! They offer some sets too which is awesome. And headbands is just one of this shops items! They also sell clothing, bibs, scarves and more! The headbands range from $4.50-$8 and the sets range from $9-$15. Incredible deal for the product!


Go snatch up a few of these headbands and keep this in your back pocket for when you need it! You won't be disappointed. Keep an eye out for a fun giveaway happening on my instagram tomorrow! There may be some goodies from one of these shops and you won't want to miss it!

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